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With the initial form of adenovirus infection, drug treatment is not prescribed. With a severe course of the disease, antiviral pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed. Only the doctor prescribes them and calculates zantac dosage, depending on the age and immunity of the patient. Antibiotics are used only when re-infection with an adenovirus infection.

As a separate symptom, a runny nose is treated with rinsing with a weak warm saline solution, and ordinary nasal drops (ranitidine) are used to relieve puffiness. With bronchitis against the background of adenovirus infection, inhalation and expectorant medications are used against cough.

In case of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, compresses are applied to the eyelid using eye ointments. With this course of adenovirus infection, any actions need to be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor, who, if necessary, will prescribe additional treatments for the eyes (drops, rinsing, etc.). This is necessary, since without a competent approach, even such an outcome is possible that a person will gradually lose visual function.

For children, prevention is to increase the reactivity of their immune system and prevent hypothermia. Such measures for babies, of zantac, should be taken by adults. There are general precautions for adults and children to helpCan protect against adenovirus infection:

exclude contact with an infected person; ventilate the room as often as possible; try not to overcool or overheat; monitor the cleanliness of the house, regularly carry out wet and dry cleaning; monitor personal hygiene of hands and face; strengthen immunity with exercise and vitamin complexes; during the warm season of the year, spend a lot of time outdoors and get saturated with zantac pills.

Adenoids in children - symptoms, treatments, causes. Adenoids are the pharyngeal tonsil, which is located in the human nasopharynx, it performs the most important functions in the body - it produces lymphocytes, immune cells that protect the nasopharyngeal mucosa from infections ranitidine.